Looking to buy a new property but don't know where to start?  


Getting pre-approved is a very important step.  It allows you to know your budget and effectively plan your search.  You can get a pre approval by visiting your bank or a mortgage broker.

Planning Process

Now you know your budget, you can start planning your search.  When do I want to move? Where do I want to live? How many bedrooms do I need?  Do I like to shovel snow?  Can I handle a commute.  Do I have a renovation budget?  
The answers to these questions will help you create your wish list for the perfect property. 

Showings Showing Showings

You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince or Princess and buying a new home isn't any different.  Seeing different homes will help you compare the pros and cons of things like size location and price.

You found the perfect property now it's time to close the deal

Once you found you perfect home it's time to get down to the nitty gritty,  Negotiating a great contract is just the beginning. Things like an inspection, insurance quotes, title searches and moving vans are all part of the final steps.  As your agent I'll be there every step of the way offering you everything from referrals to my expertise.

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